Covid-19 general FAQs

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, CILEx Regulation have had to implement some changes to our regular applications and submission processes.  Our offices are now closed and we have limited staff capacity for processing postal submissions. All staff are now working remotely and we are  continuing to monitor and respond to all queries via email.

We hope this FAQ page will help to resolve your query, if not, please email us at: and we will get back to your as soon as possible.


My application for qualifying employment is ready to send in for assessment, can I post it to CILEx Regulation?

Our offices remain closed. Due to a reduction in staff access to the office, we would advise against postal submissions as these may be subject to delays.


Please submit your application online – see our application guidance to help you through the process, including details of the use of electronic signatures and fee payment.

My application for work-based learning and portfolio is ready to send in for assessment, can I post it to CILEx Regulation?

You can submit your application online, please access our application guidance to help you through the process, including details of the use of electronic signatures and fee payment.

What if my planned CPD courses are cancelled?

Don’t panic! Our CPD Scheme is flexible and there are different types of activities you can use to meet your annual requirements. This has been the case for a number of years. and this is  because we recognise that face-to-face training is not always the best option for everyone’s professional development. Here are some activities you can use to satisfy your requirements:


• E-Learning (webinars)
• Legal research in your relevant area
• Reading relevant articles or journals such as the CILEx Journal and Law Gazette
• Familiarising yourself with the CILEx Code of Conduct
• Academic or professional study or revision


Please find further details on our latest CPD update page.

What if I can’t satisfy my full yearly CPD requirements?

We realise that in extenuating circumstances some people may not be able to achieve their full CPD requirements.


We can possibly provide an extension so you have additional time to complete and log your CPD. Please email us at between 1 June and 31 August to request an extension. When we receive a request, we can give you an additional three months to complete your CPD record. You will then have until 31 December to log your CPD.

I think I might be exempt from completing CPD, how do I find out?

We can offer members a CPD dispensation. If you’ve spent at least six months out of employment during the CPD year – 1 October to 30 September – we can waive your full CPD requirement. If you think you may be eligible for a dispensation, please email us at: with your following details:


1. name
2. membership number and
3. the dates you were absent from employment.


We will then assess your eligibility and, where applicable, apply a dispensation to your CPD record.



I've been furloughed by my employer. Will this affect my Qualifying Employment?

The Application for Fellowship Rules allow for applicants to take a break of less than 12 months without it being considered as a break to the continuity of employment for the purpose of the requirement to serve 2 consecutive years in qualifying employment immediately preceding the date of the application for Fellowship.

Updated furlough guidance – (Nov 2020)

Due to Covid-19, some of my evidence will predate my application for Fellowship by more than 2 years when I am able to submit my application. Is this acceptable?

The evidence submitted in a Work Based Learning portfolio should not predate the application by more than 2 years at the date the application for Fellowship is submitted, i.e. an application submitted on 1 April 2020 can include evidence dating back to 1 April 2018.


CILEx Regulation has a discretion to extend this period up to 3 years, where an applicant is able to demonstrate they have spent some time out of work due to an accepted reason, e.g. Maternity Leave or sickness.


Due to the impact of Covid-19, it has been agreed that applicants who have been furloughed would have an accepted reason to request an extension to the period of time they can submit evidence from. Applicants seeking an extension of time for this reason should include the request in their application for Fellowship, together with their dates of furlough. CILEx Regulation will then exercise discretion to extend the period for evidence, equivalent to the period of time spent furloughed, but this will not exceed 3 years.


Applicants requesting an extension of time for other reasons connected with Covid-19, should provide the reason for the request and the length of extension required in their application. CILEx Regulation will then consider the request, at their discretion. CILEx Regulation is unable to confirm an extension for evidence prior to the application being submitted.