Poonam Choli

9 November 2017

Miss Choli admitted the following allegations:

Allegation 1
Miss Choli failed to maintain high standards of professional and personal conduct.
Contrary to: Principle 2 of the Code of Conduct 2015, and

Allegation 2
Miss Choli failed to behave with honesty or integrity
Contrary to: Principle 3 of the Code of Conduct 2015.

The particulars of both allegations are that  Miss Choli applied to register for a family law exam in April 2016.  Through her own error, she applied for the wrong exam.  When she discovered her error she attempted to pass blame to CILEx for the error and she sent an amended version of the exam entry form to CILEx intending that CILEx would accept that this was her genuine and original application to register for an exam.

Miss Choli admitted both allegations and, in accordance with Rule 18 (1) CILEx Investigation and Disciplinary Rules  2015, agreed to determine the allegations by consent and agreed a sanction that would be available to the Professional Conduct Panel or Disciplinary Tribunal.

The sanction was approved by the Professional Conduct Panel in accordance with Rule 18(3) IDAR 2015 and Miss Choli was excluded from CILEx membership for three years.