Ryan Herrmann

15 October 2020

Ryan Herrmann failed to understand and comply with the regulation applicable to him and failed to deal with his regulator openly, promptly and co-operatively, contrary to Principle 4, Outcomes 4.1 and 4.2 and 4.4 of the CILEx Code of Conduct 2015

On dates since November 2018 Ryan Herrmann, whilst an Affiliate member of CILEx, failed to meet his obligation under Rule 15(7) of the CILEx Regulation Enforcement Rules 2018, to comply with the reasonable enquiries made by CILEx Regulation, by failing to provide information about his working arrangements and entitlement to carry out reserved and regulated legal activities, thereby obstructing his regulator from fulfilling its regulatory objectives of ensuring that the necessary public and consumer protections are in place in respect of the legal services provided by him.

The CILEx Regulation Disciplinary Tribunal (DT) found the charge of professional misconduct against Ryan Herrmann proven on the balance of probabilities.

The DT ordered Ryan Herrmann’s immediate exclusion from CILEx membership for a period of 2 years, without automatic reinstatement.