23 May 2019


Ms Turnbull admitted the following allegations:

Allegation 1

That on 23 February 2018 Ms Turnbull engaged in dishonest and fraudulent behaviour by signing and stamping a document which she knew needed to be signed by a solicitor, with the intention of misleading the reader of the document to believe it had been properly signed by a solicitor.

Allegation 2

That on 11 October 2018 The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority made Ms Turnbull the subject of an order under Section 43 of the Solicitors Act 1974, finding that it would be undesirable for her to be involved in a legal practice, except with the permission of the Law Society.

Contrary to Principle 2, Outcome 2.2.  and Principle 3, Outcomes 3.1 and 3.2 of the CILEx Code of Conduct


Ms Turnbull admitted both allegations and, in accordance with Rule 18 (1) of the Enforcement Rules 2018, agreed to determine the allegations by consent and agreed a sanction that would be available to the Professional Conduct Panel or Disciplinary Tribunal.


The sanction was approved by the Professional Conduct Panel in accordance with Rule 18(3) of the Enforcement Rules 2018 and Ms Turnbull was excluded from CILEx membership until such time as the Law Society revokes the Section 43 order.  No application may be made for reinstatement before 23 May 2021.