New education standards for Chartered Legal Executives

On 16 June 2021, the Legal Services Board approved our application to amend the education standards against which applicants are assessed to become Chartered Legal Executives.

We have created an integrated set of education standards and a single application process, to allow applicants to become authorised without duplicating application and assessment requirements. Qualifying employment requirements are now aligned at three years (with two years in the specialist area of practice, immediately preceding the application). On qualification, a Chartered Legal Executive will be authorised as a Commissioner for Oaths and with a practice right if they specialise in one of the reserved or regulated activities.

We have also taken the opportunity to modernise the standards to take into account changes to working practices, including legal technology and emotional competence. This will ensure Chartered Legal Executives are prepared for the future demands of the legal sector.

New routes to authorisation

If you would like further information on these exciting changes, please contact Danni Rowles at

Specialist pathways

The new standards are defined by specialist pathways…

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Approved qualifications

Find out about CILEx Regulation’s approved qualification to deliver the knowledge requirements set out in the new standards.

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Transitional arrangements

Arrangements have been made to enable those studying the CILEX qualifications to qualify under the legacy Fellowship rules.

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Training providers

If you would like to apply to be recognised as a training provider delivering a CILEx Regulation approved qualification, further details can be found here.



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If you already have legal qualifications that you believe meet the knowledge requirements, you may be able to apply for an exemption.

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Find out about the cost of authorisation, the cost of an application for exemption and the cost of applying to become an approved training provider.

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