Stage 11: Client care information

If you have been working in legal services, then you will know that the client care letter is probably the most important document for both parties, so it is vital to get it right. While parts of it can be standardised, the letter does need to be individual for each client as it relates to their own matter. Also, it demonstrates the personal service you are providing to the client and the care and attention you are giving to their matter. However, what you may have used working for firms in a previous role, may not be totally appropriate for your new firm.

If you are using an old client care letter as a template on which to base your own, then do think about a few things:

  • Check all names are correct
  • If you are a sole trader, then don’t use references to “departments” or “teams”
  • Does it reflect the personal service you may offer?
  • Does it tie in with any Price and Service Transparency information
  • Make sure your complaint handling information is correct

Finally, make your client care information readable. We have provided guidance on the key principles in drafting information that clients can engage with.

Who else provides guidance on client care and complaint handling?

We recommend that you have a look at the support and guidance that is available on the Legal Ombudsman website in the section Helping legal service providers. As well as helping you with your complaint handling processes, it has lots of advice on how to address complaints.

Finally, you need to understand your obligations to signpost to an alternative dispute resolution service.