Stage 16: Complete the Authorised Entity application form

This application form captures important information about your firm, such as where it will be located, its structure, the legal services that it will provide and its previous history if it is an existing firm.

Please make sure the information you provide in this application form is consistent with the information you have included in your Business Plan and policies and procedures. If you have dealt with these in sufficient detail, you may only need to provide brief information in some of the sections of the application form.

Individuals will need to make declarations regarding any prior conduct matters, including fitness to own. Do consider whether these will have an impact on any role you seek to gain authorisation for.

The following link and documents below will help you in this area:

Will I need to complete anything else?

Once you have reached this stage you are nearly there.

You should be confident that you are presenting you’re the application, and your new firm, in the best possible way to us. If you can address any questions that we may have within the application, then that will make the authorisation process pass smoothly and quickly.