Stage 13: Finalising your Business Plan and Cashflow

Having now developed you firm’s policies, procedures and operational documentation such as client care letters, it is now time to focus on completing your business plan and your cashflow.

These are key documents in your application for Entity Authorisation so please ensure they are sufficiently detailed and are consistent with the information that you will be including in your application forms. Hopefully your plans for both the business model and the financials for your firm have become finalised as you have proceeded through the various stages.

Now is the time to double check that all the figures agree and produce a final version of your cashflow.

You should refer to the help section and guidance previously referred to in Stage 6 and Stage 7.

The following documents will help you with this stage:

Have you got someone who can check these for you?

How an application is presented is important to us as it demonstrates your attention to detail and how you have thought about the details of the firm that you wish to run.

You might want to get someone to read through and check these documents once drafted – a professional advisor such as a business banking manager or your financial advisor / accountant might be able to help. Alternatively, a family member may be a source of good feedback, especially as they will be wanting you to succeed.