Stage 12: Website, Social Media and Transparency

Depending on where you will be gaining your clients from, you may decide that it is important to have a web presence and to be involved in social media. Think carefully about the type of website and social media presence that you wish to have. How much time will you have to spend on it? Can it help in dealing with enquiries or booking appointments?

Remember that there are inherent risks that you need to be aware of and consider how they can be managed, such as hacking / cloning. If you are using social media, consider how you will deal with maintaining your professional integrity and reputation.

It may be worth engaging with a legal technology firm to help you with these areas and how your sites can be compliant with the Transparency requirements.

Price and Service Transparency

The CILEx Regulation Transparency Rules (Transparency Rules) came into force on 14 January 2019. They apply to our regulated firms providing legal services as set out at Annex A to the Rules. The initial legal services are residential conveyancing and or probate.

The rules mandate the information that firms must publish and firms have the flexibility to implement the requirements to best meet the needs of their business and clients.

This gives you an opportunity to set out the benefits that a consumer has to using your firm and what you can offer that might differentiate you from your competitors. We have provided examples with the Transparency Guidance which you can find in the link above.

Even if you do not have a website, you will be required to make the information available to consumers upon request.