Stage 2: Who do I need in my firm?

There are two roles that need to be filled in any Authorised Entity. They can be one person doing both or a number of people depending on what reserved activities you wish your firm to be authorised for. They are:

  • Approved Manager
  • Compliance Manager

The term Approved Manager is used to explain a manager approved by us for a role in the firm – as an Authorised Individual delivering one of the reserved activities (or a Fellow just as an owner) and/or the manager(s) with responsibilities for practice management and accounts management (known as the Compliance Manager). We will look at the Compliance Manager role in detail in the next two stages.

So, you need to have someone who is an authorised individual with experience in the reserved activity that you want them and the firm to be authorised in. As a CILEx member that could be as a CILEx Practitioner, or for example by having a solicitor, barrister, or licensed conveyancer as part of the ownership / management.

If you have not gained a practice right in conveyancing, immigration, litigation (civil, criminal or family) or probate, then have a look at how to become a CILEx Practitioner. We provide lots of advice and support on how a practice right can be obtained either independently or alongside another qualification.

Individuals will need to make declarations regarding any prior conduct matters. Do consider whether these will have an impact on any role you seek to gain authorisation for.

We have found several applicants changing the structure and make up of their firms at this stage. So, think carefully about who and what you want to deliver as the legal services for your firm.

If you have people with the necessary qualifications, skills and experience already, you may want to go to Stage 14 to complete the Approved Manager application(s).