09 Apr

Perspectives on LawTech and Regulation

The Legal Services Board (LSB) have published a valuable collection of articles focused on Legal Technology. The Perspectives collection highlights innovation and how access to legal services could be improved. The Perspectives paper was created with the input of 11 key individuals and organisations.


Key themes identified across the papers:


• Consumers: The need to pursue innovation without putting consumers at risk.
• Clarity: Regulatory clarity can help consumers, service providers and regulators.
• AI: AI is emerging, and needs to be carefully considered.
• The access to justice gap: Regulators could act as a catalyst to tackling the asymmetry of information that widens the access to justice gap.
• Not one size fits all: Technology can improve access to justice,but isn’t a ‘fix-all’ solution.


The report included a paper from Felix Brown Policy and Research Officer (Technology & Innovation) at CILEx Regulation which addressed:


• The need for technology to be guided toward small/medium law firms as they often serve the most vulnerable clients in society, but cannot access technology due to expense/resourcing.
• The need to future-proof the legal profession by way of revising standards to include tech/emotional competency.


It also addressed how regulators should look to maintain up-to-date knowledge on legal technological innovation in order to allow industry growth.


Access the full publication on the LSB website.