Professionalism and Outcomes

Graduates/Legal Accounts Members, Fellows*/Legal Accounts Executives, CILEx Practitioners*, Associate Prosecutors

What is Professionalism?

Professionalism is learning something new, or refreshing or developing your knowledge or skills in one of the following areas:

  • Professional ethics, including the Code of Conduct
  • Knowledge of the primary business in which your clients work (business awareness)
  • The issues which may affect your clients (social awareness)
  • Client communication skills
  • Dealing with challenging clients
  • Equality and diversity issues
  • Time management skills

What is the difference between Outcomes and Hours-based CPD?

All of your CPD activities should be Outcomes-based. This means that, rather than specifying how many hours you completed on this activity, you need to decide what you want to learn from the activity. This will be your learning outcome.

For example:

  • Improve my knowledge of the primary business in which my clients work
  • Develop my client communication skills
  • Refresh my knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity issues

How do I carry out an Outcomes-based CPD activity?

You should complete the following four steps when carrying out your CPD.

Use the Planned CPD Evaluation Form to evaluate your planned CPD. Use the Unplanned CPD Evaluation Form to evaluate your unplanned CPD.


>Identify your areas for development (Tip: use your workplace appraisal)

>Make sure you include at least one professionalism area


>Plan CPD activities which you think will meet your learning needs

>At least 5 planned activities should be completed by the end of the CPD year

>Record your plan and the learning outcome (what you want to learn from the activity)

>Tip: Try to plan at least 3 activities at the start of the year


Complete the activity no later than 30 September


>Use the Evaluation of Planned Activity and the Evaluation of Unplanned Activity forms to evaluate your CPD activities

>Keep records of completing and evaluating your CPD activities for 2 years

>Record your CPD using MyCILEx by 30 September

I’m a CLE Advocate—are there any additional requirements?

Two of your CPD Outcomes must be focused on advocacy skills.

I’m an Associate Prosecutor—are there any additional requirements?

Half of your CPD Outcomes must be focused on criminal litigation and/or advocacy skills.