What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development commonly known as CPD, means the ongoing development of your knowledge and skills to ensure that you are competent to deliver legal services to your clients.

Keeping up to date with your CPD is one of the ways that we can ensure that you are competent to practise, maintaining the integrity of the profession and protecting the public.

We operate an outcomes focused scheme for most CILEx members, which means that through the CPD year, you should follow the process to the right to identify your development needs and maintain and enhance your competence.

2019/20 CPD timetable

The 2019/2020 CPD year has now closed. If you have been unable to complete or log your CPD then please email us at cpd@cilexregulation.org.uk explaining the reasons for this and we will advise you of the next steps.

CPD Process information

CPD Top Tips for Success – 10 minute video

CPD and Covid-19

Your new myCILEx account 

Your myCILEx account was changed in August 2019. If you have not logged into your account since before then, you will need to contact the CILEx Membership Team for assistance.

Please note:  The online CPD recording system is directly linked to your membership record, each time you add an entry to the online logbook, it will be automatically submitted and saved to your record. Therefore, there is no longer a requirement to tick a ‘submit’ button. At the end of the CPD year, your CPD record will be automatically closed by CILEx Regulation.

Who needs to do CPD?

The CPD scheme at CILEx Regulation applies to the following CILEx members:

  • Associates
  • Graduates/Legal Accounts Members
  • Fellows*/Legal Accounts Executives
  • CILEx Practitioners*
  • Associate Prosecutors

* There are special requirements for Fellows and CILEx Practitioners who are practising advocates and holding advocacy rights.

It is a requirement of the Code of Conduct that if you fall within one of the above grades, then you must complete the CPD requirements each year.

If you don’t comply with your CPD requirements you will lose the rights, which attach to your grade of membership or authorisation status from 1 January of the next calendar. You won’t be able to use your grade title or designatory letters and, in the case of Fellows, Associate Prosecutors and individuals with practice rights, exercise any of those rights, until you bring your CPD record up to date.

Find out what the requirements are for you by clicking on your grade of membership:

Associate members

Graduates, Legal Accounts Members, Fellows, Legal Accounts Executives, CILEx Practitioners, Associate Prosecutor

CPD sampling

Each year, as part of the supervision of CILEx’s membership, CILEx Regulation samples the CPD returns from those members required to undertake CPD.

A random sample of 2.5 percent is selected from the member database and we request full CPD records for the preceding CPD year. We also reserve the right to request other CPD records on a risk basis. We review the records provided to ensure that the CPD requirements have been met.

If you are selected as part of the CPD sampling process, we will send you a request to forward your CPD record. This usually takes place in the final quarter of the year, following the end of the CPD year on 30 September. As a result, we recommend that you retain your CPD records for a period of two years following the closure of the CPD year.

If you have any queries regarding the CPD process, please contact us at cpd@cilexregulation.org.uk