Please note: our offices are currently closed and we are unable to accept postal applications. We have reviewed our processes and all submissions and applications can now be made online.

Please access the submissions news update for further details.

Application guidance

Take your first steps

To make an application to become a Chartered Legal Executive you need to:

  • Complete a portfolio of evidence (Work Based Learning – WBL portfolio).  Be sure to allow adequate time to put your WBL portfolio together as this forms a key element of the assessment criteria. It is how we assess that you are fully competent to be admitted as a qualified lawyer.
  • Submit an application form
  • Demonstrate three years of qualifying employment (two years continuous employment just before you apply, including at least one year in the Graduate grade of membership)
  • Meet the character and suitability requirements
  • Pay related fees

It is possible for you to complete the steps for admission as a Chartered Legal Executive in any order, however we would suggest that you undertake the process in the following order:

1.Complete your academic qualifications

2.Have your employment assessed to be sure it is qualifying employment

3.Start your WBL portfolio once you have become a Graduate member

4.Complete the application form

5. Submit your application with the fee


When you have completed the academic stage of the process to become a Chartered Legal Executive, this is the time to have your qualifying employment assessed by us (if you haven’t already). You can then be sure that when you come to make your final application, you know you meet this part of the requirements.

Once you’ve had your qualifying employment assessed as a Graduate member, you can then start putting your WBL portfolio of evidence together. We have created a week-by-week guide to help you with this. By the time you have served 12 months in the Graduate grade of membership, your portfolio should be ready to submit.

You will then be ready to complete the application form and submit your full application for authorisation. There is a fee for the assessment of the portfolio, please see our fee information page.

Please note: Because Chartered Legal Executives are qualified lawyers, CILEx Regulation has an exemption from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, which means when you apply, part of the character and suitability requirements will require you to declare spent convictions and we may ask for a standard DBS check. Find out more.

Final decision

We hope you are satisfied by the decision you receive. However, if you are unhappy with the decision you can appeal. More information on the appeals process can be found here.