FAQs – Problems and Complaints

Do you have a problem with your Legal Services provider? Find out what we can do

Who we can take action against

When should I report something to CILEx Regulation?


How can I check whether a person or firm is regulated by you?


A person says they are a legal professional, but they are not regulated by CILEx Regulation. What can I do?


A person says they are a CILEX member and regulated by CILEx Regulation, but this is not true. Can you take action against them?

What CILEx Regulation can do

I am unhappy with the amount I have been charged for legal work. Can CILEx Regulation help me?


Someone you regulate did something wrong, can you make them admit it and apologise?


I have been given wrong advice, which made me lose my case and cost me money. Can you make the CILEx member/ firm repay me?


Can CILEx Regulation make the member or firm pay me compensation?


Does CILEx Regulation award compensation?


Why can’t you take any action against the member/firm I reported even though you regulate them?


Where else can I go for help?

Reporting concerns to us

I have difficulties communicating with and /or understanding CILEx Regulation. Can you assist?


Do I have to complain to the person or firm I have the problem with before I report them to you?


Will I be charged for making a complaint?


How do I report a concern to CILEx Regulation?


Can I report a person or firm to you anonymously, without you knowing who I am?


I don’t want the person or firm I have reported to know who I am, can you withhold my details from them?


How many reports can I make at a time?

Does CILEx Regulation represent/ act for me or the CILEx person/ firm?


I previously reported a person or firm, but the case was closed without further action. Can I report the person of firm to CILEx Regulation again?


Will I be protected as a whistle-blower if I make a complaint to CILEx Regulation about a person or firm I work for?


I want to take legal action against someone I have reported to you. Do I need to wait until you have finished your investigation and reached a decision before doing so?


Can I withdraw my complaint if I don’t want to take it any further?


What are my rights as a complainant?


What are my obligations as a complainant?


Investigation and Outcomes

Can I be involved in the investigation?


Will I be required to attend a disciplinary panel hearing to give evidence?


Can I choose to attend a disciplinary hearing?


How long will it take you to deal with my complaint?


What can I do if I don’t agree with the outcome of your investigation?


I am not happy about the way CILEx Regulation has dealt with me or the case. What can I do?


Do you publish the outcome of all your investigations?