CILEX members include individuals in other grades of membership working towards qualification as a Chartered Legal Executive, these are:

  • CILEX Member – Advanced Paralegal
  • CILEX Member – Paralegal
  • CILEX Student

For individuals that are taking a period away from the legal profession due to reasons including, but not limited to, parental leave, a period of non-working or retirement there is the CILEX Affiliate membership.

You can learn more about the requirements for each grade on the CILEX website.

Most CILEX members work in legal firms or legal departments. They need to be supervised by an authorised person working in a regulated firm if they do reserved legal work. Reserved legal work includes:

  • Conveyancing, which is the legal work involved in buying and selling property (e.g. a house, building or land)
  • Probate, which is the legal work involved when dealing with a person’s assets (e.g. house, savings, other possessions) and other affairs, following their death
  • Litigation, which is the legal work involved in resolving a dispute between individuals and/or businesses. This sometimes involves going to court
  • Advocacy, which is speaking for someone in court

Some CILEX members are self-employed and do legal work that is not reserved.

You will not find these members listed in the CILEx Practitioner Directory. If you have a question about someone who says they are regulated by us, but you cannot find their details in our Directory, contact us at

  • We also regulate Associate Prosecutors who are authorised to carry out litigation and work for the Crown Prosecution Service.
  • All members of CILEX must comply with the CILEx Code of Conduct.