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Our role is to promote a diverse and effective legal profession and ensure high professional standards for the legal professionals we regulate including: chartered legal executives, CILEX Practitioners and the law firms. They must:

  • provide a professional service, be honest and equipped to look after your needs, and
  • keep their legal knowledge and skills up-to-date and meet the expectations of our professional code of conduct.


Choosing a chartered legal executive or a firm regulated by us, means you have a trusted and able professional to support you and meet your particular needs.  Find out more below.


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Problems or concerns?

If you’re not happy with the service provided by a legal professional, please let your provider know. However, if your concerns are not dealt with appropriately, contact the Legal Ombudsman who can help you further.

We can take action against individuals or firms we regulate, if they behave in a way that breaks the Code of Conduct in a serious way.  Find out more about when to report to us.

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