This page has been developed to provide assistance and support for CILEX Members working in Conveyancing.

It provides information on the knowledge and competence requirements set by CILEx Regulation and information to help CILEX Members working in Conveyancing meet their CPD obligations.

Education Framework


CILEX offers a range of CPD courses available to members at a discounted rate.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Modules

As a CILEX member, it Is essential you understand your professional and regulatory responsibility.  CILEX offers 2 purpose-built CPD courses tailored to enhance your understanding and compliance

Ethics and Professional Responsibility – an introduction

This module introduces you to the regulatory structure, your CILEX Code of Conduct and essential responsibilities around compliance including money-laundering, data protection and client due diligence.

This price for this module is £79.00 (excl. tax).

For more information on this module, please click here.  Please note, you may need to complete a free, online registration to access comprehensive details on the content of the package if you are new to the site.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Context

This consists of 3 modules on Ethical Conduct, Regulation, and Professional Practice, exploring the interplay between ethical regulation, professional regulation and legal regulation.

Then in ‘Approaching Ethical Dilemmas: What would you do?’, you will be faced with ethical dilemmas where your choices will influence the outcome of those dilemmas.

Finally, in the assessment, you will be using the knowledge gained to decide the most appropriate responses for 2 case studies, demonstrating the qualities exemplified by CILEX Lawyers.

This price of this programme is £119 (

For more information on this programme, please click here.  Please note, you may need to complete a free, online registration to access comprehensive details on the content of the package if you are new to the site.

Legal Finance

CILEX have partnered with ILFM to bring you learning modules focussed on dealing with financial considerations within the law firm, namely:

Modules are individually priced at £34.99 (excl tax).

So, you think you know about … Conveyancing

Designed for your convenience, the topics are broken down into bite-sized modules, so they seamlessly integrate with your busy schedule, making CPD a hassle-free commitment.

Modules are individually priced at £34.99 (excl tax).

Useful Links

HM Land Registry

The Land Registry is responsible for registering property ownership in England and Wales.  Its primary purpose is to provide a valuable record of information about ownership of and interests affecting land and property,

The Land Registry provides owners with a land title, guaranteed by the government, and a title plan that indicates general boundaries.  It safeguards land and property ownership valued at £7 trillion, enabling over £1 trillion worth of personal and commercia lending to be secured against property across England and Wales.

Useful web pages include:

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC)

DLUHC supports communities across the UK to thrive, making them great places to live and work.  Their work includes investing in local areas to drive growth and create jobs, delivering the homes our country needs, supporting our community and faith groups, and overseeing local government, planning and building safety.

DLUHC have produced guides for people who are thinking about purchasing or selling a home and may be particularly useful for first-time buyers or sellers.

DLUHC are keen to encourage CILEX members working in Conveyancing to access and promote the guidance documents to their clients. Access more information below:

How to buy a home guidance

How to sell a home guidance

CRL disclaimer

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