Switching FAQS

Which services can CILEx Regulation regulate you for?

Conveyancing; Litigation – Civil, Criminal or Family; Immigration; and Probate. The firms we authorise tend to be specialists in particular areas and offer complementary services. Please let us know if you offer any other services.

Does CILEx Regulation regulate Alternative Business Structures (ABS)?

Yes. Find out more about how to start or convert to an ABS regulated by us.

Can a Barrister, Conveyancer or Solicitor be a manager or owner of one of our firms?

Yes. We would expect them to have experience in the areas of law which their firm is authorised to provide.

As a Barrister, Conveyancer or Solicitor, who would regulate me as an individual?

You will continue to be regulated by your own individual regulator – it will only be your firm that is regulated by CILEx Regulation.

What about Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and run-off?

We have a panel of insurers offering PII to our regulated firms. If your insurer is not listed, we are happy to see if they can be added to our panel. They, along with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, will be able to indicate whether run-off cover is triggered.


If your PII renews after the date you switch regulator, then subject to your insurer’s agreement, this could remain in place.

What will I need to tell our clients?

As our Compensation Arrangements are different to those offered by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we believe you should advise your clients that you are changing regulator.

Can I retain panel membership?

For established firms, you will need to speak to your panel managers to let them know that your firm is proposing to switch regulators. For start-ups, you will need to consider whether you will be able to meet panel membership requirements.

Can we continue offering ancillary insurance products to our clients?

CILEx Regulation is not a designated professional body. We are working with the FCA, brokers and insurers on providing a compliant solution to our firms.

We have had disciplinary issues with regulators, do we have to declare these?

You will need to declare all instances of individual and business prior conduct as part of the application process. We put the matter to our investigation team, which considers the impact of the conduct on your application for authorisation by CILEx Regulation.

Are there any restrictions on what our company name can be under your regulation?

The SRA have advised us that the word solicitor(s) can only be used in the title of a firm regulated by the SRA.