The information below has been designed to help you plan your work when compiling your Work-Based Learning portfolio. The checkboxes in the example columns can be used to keep track of your progress - see link at the top of the page to download the schedule for your records.

You are not restricted to following the Outcomes in this order. For example, if during week 1 you are required to carry out legal research, you can swap this for another Outcome. Each Outcome below contains a link which will take you to guidance on the evidence required to meet this Outcome. You may be able to use the same piece of evidence to satisfy more than one Outcome, where this might be possible the other Outcomes are identified in the guidance.

Where an Outcome requires two examples, please ensure you provide a completed logbook sheet and evidence for each example. Each logbook sheet should be placed in front of the evidence.

Online submission details

For step by step Work-Based Learning portfolio submission guidanceplease access the video.


Week 1
Outcome 1.1: Apply the law to a matter
Week 2
Outcome 1.2: Apply the relevant legal procedures to a matter
Week 3
Outcome 1.3: Identify and deal with the issues arising in a matter
Week 4
Outcome 1.4: Undertake legal research
Week 5
Outcome 2.1: Communicate legal issues using appropriate methods
Week 6
Outcome 2.2: Use suitable language in communication
Week 7
Outcome 2.3: Address all issues in communication
Week 8
Outcome 2.4: Seek appropriate information through communication
Week 9
Outcome 2.5: Represent a client through effective use of communication and other skills
Week 10
Outcome 3.1: Identify and understand a client’s or service user’s position
Week 11
Outcome 3.2: Take accurate instructions relating to a legal matter from clients or service users
Week 12
Outcome 3.3: Provide clear legal advice to clients or service users
Week 13
Outcome 3.4: Evaluate the risks, costs and benefits of alternative courses of action
Week 14
Outcome 3.5: Take action to deal with instructions received
Week 15
Outcome 3.6: Manage a client’s or service user’s expectations
Week 16
Outcome 4.1: Progress matters expeditiously
Week 17
Outcome 4.2: Plan your workload and deliver a good legal service to clients or service users
Week 18
Outcome 4.3: Maintain files and records in accordance with procedures
Week 19
Outcome 5.1: Demonstrate an understanding of the business environment of a legal practice or organisation
Week 20
Outcome 5.2: Evaluate the risks, costs and benefits of alternative courses of action to the business
Week 21
Outcome 6.1: Apply the rules of professional conduct appropriately to relevant situations
Week 22
Outcome 6.2: Provide appropriate information to clients and service users
Week 23
Outcome 6.3: Understand the need to avoid discrimination and promote equality and diversity
Week 24
Outcome 7.1: Evaluate your professional skills and legal knowledge
Week 25
Outcome 7.2: Understand the limitations of your professional skills and knowledge
Week 26
Outcome 8.1: Establish effective working relationships with others involved in a legal matter
Week 27
Outcome 8.2: Demonstrate ability to select and provide appropriate information to others as required by the law