This page is relevant to the CPD requirements of CILEX Paralegals. 

The basics

How much CPD do I need to carry out?

8 hours plus 1 Professionalism Outcome

When is the CPD year?

1 October to 30 September of each year

How much Specialist training should I do?

At least 50% of your CPD hours must relate to your specialism.

You should choose your specialism by selecting it in your CPD logbook.

What is my Specialism?

It should be the main area you work in, but if you work in a more general capacity you can designate a specialist area of your choice.

How much Non-Specialist training should I complete?

The other half of your CPD hours may relate to any area of your choice.

For example: Management training, developing communication or IT skills.

What activities count as CPD?

This is a list of examples that would be accepted.

  • CILEx Law School Updates, course manuals and self-assessment questions
  • Reading articles: Including the CILEx Journal or other reputable sources including the internet
  • Attending a course or seminar
  • Completing a distance learning course
  • In-house training by your employer
  • Training provided by a local CILEx or Law Society branch
  • Academic or professional study
  • Producing a dissertation
  • Research: Related to legal topics or relevant to your place of work
  • Preparation and delivery of training courses
  • Work shadowing
  • Coaching or mentoring

These activities must be in your specialist area:

  • Participation in development of specialist areas of law: By attending meetings of specialist committees/ working parties of relevant organisations undertaking such work
  • Writing on Law or Practice: Including material written for journals, law books, publications, newspapers, magazines, internet