18 July 2017

CILEx Regulation publishes the agendas and papers of our regular Board meetings as part of our commitment to transparency in governance. If you require more information about a particular paper, please email us at info@cilexregulation.org.uk


Minutes – 18 July 2017

4. Chairman’s Update (oral report)

5. Board Governance: next steps*

  • Risk Management
  • Statement of Regulatory Costs 2016
  • Transparency next steps
  • Approved Regulator Protocols review

6. Education Standards Review*

Report of the Joint Education and Training (JET) Group

8. CILEx Update (oral report)

Council Strategy 19/20 May 2017
Council 13 July 2017

9. CILEx Business Development*

Entity/practice rights/ABS marketing plan update

10. Finance*

  • Group finance update Q2
  • Group services delivery update
  • Practice/other fees 2018
  • Management accounts to May 2017
  • Management accounts to June 2017

11. ABS Licensing

ABS Licensing
ABS Licensing (Appendix 1)*
ABS Licensing (Appendix 2)*
ABS Licensing (Appendix 3)
ABS Licensing (Appendix 4)
ABS Licensing (Appendix 5)

12. Rule Changes: Compensation Arrangements

13. Rule Changes: PII Rules

14. Rule Changes: CPD Rules

15. Rule Changes: Associate Prosecutor Rules

16. CMA Market Study Recommendations

CMA Market Study Recommendations
CMA Market Study Recommendations (Appendix 1)
CMA Market Study Recommendations (Appendix 2)*
CMA Market Study Recommendations (Appendix 3)*

17. CEO Report

18. Q2 Performance (April to June)

Q2 Performance (April to June)
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 1)
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 2)*
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 3)*
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 4)*
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 5)*
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 6)
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 7)
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 8)
Q2 Performance (April to June) (Appendix 9)

19. Forward List

Forward List

*Papers excluded from publication under the Board’s Governance Transparency Policy.