07 December 2006

Khuram Shazad Ali of Bradford engaged in conduct unbefitting to ILEX or likely to bring ILEX or its members into disrepute contrary to Rule 1(1) of the Code of Conduct and/or conducted himself in such a manner as to cast doubt on his professional integrity contrary to Rule 1 (2) of the Code of Conduct.

The particulars to the charge were that Mr Ali provided immigration advice and services when not authorised to do so for the purposes of Section 84 Immigration & Asylum Act and/or when not so authorised by ILEX and/or in circumstances where he was specifically not permitted by ILEX to provide such advice and services.

The charge was found proved.

Sanction – Indefinite exclusion
Mr Ali was permanently excluded from membership of ILEX. He was also ordered to pay costs.

Mr Ali appealed against the decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal. The Appeal Tribunal found that the grounds of appeal were not made out.

Mr Ali was ordered to pay costs in respect of the appeal.