17 June 2004

The charge against Stephen Richard Outram of Boston Lincolnshire was that he failed to conduct himself in a manner as to avoid bringing disrepute upon ILEX or its members and to avoid doubt being cast upon his own professional integrity contrary to Section 1 of the Code of Conduct of the Institute of Legal Executives and Section A(2) of the Guide to Good Practice of the Institute of Legal Executives.

The particulars to the charge were that:
As a Fellow of ILEX Mr Stephen Outram was required to undertake a minimum of 8 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) during each CPD year since the commencement of the scheme on 1 January 1999. Mr Outram was required to maintain a record of all of the CPD training undertaken and submit it to ILEX within one month following the end of the CPD year. Mr Outram failed to comply with these requirements.

Mr Outram failed to respond to correspondence sent to him by ILEX regarding his non-compliance with the CPD regulations.

The charge was found proved.

Sanction – Indefinite exclusion
Mr Outram was excluded from membership of ILEX.