12 – Review and submit your application

Before you submit your application, you should:

  • finalise your firms’ structure
  • review your supporting documents
  • make sure your business plan and cashflow are consistent
  • check the CILEx Authorisation rules
  • make sure you’re paying the right application fee – if you’re not sure, contact us first
  • get someone to read your application for you

NB. Please make sure all forms have been signed – we can’t accept unsigned applications.

Please send your application by email to:


Please remember to keep a copy of your application for your own records.

What happens after you apply?

We will do an initial assessment of your application and contact you if there is anything missing or if we need more information. A full assessment usually takes 30 days.

We may give your firm provisional authorisation. This explains the conditions required to get full authorisation and allows you to decide when to start trading. It also allows you to arrange a start date for PII.

NB. Do not buy PII until your firm is given provisional authorisation.

If your firm is given full authorisation, you will receive a letter of authorisation, certificates, and access to our digital logo.

If your application is declined, you will receive a letter explaining the decision and advice on the appeals process. Read the CILEx Authorisation rules or the CILEx Regulation Licensing Rules for details of the application and appeals processes.