2 – Who you need in your firm

To be an authorised firm you need at least one ‘approved manager’ and a ‘compliance manager’. These can be different people or one person doing both jobs depending on which activities you wish your firm to be authorised for.

All managers must complete prior conduct declarations. Think about whether these might have an impact on the roles you wish to gain authorisation for.

An approved manager is someone approved by CILEx Regulation to provide a reserved (or regulated) legal activity in the firm.  You must be an authorised individual with experience in the reserved (or regulated) activity that you want the firm to be authorised for.  You could be a CILEx Practitioner, or a solicitor, barrister, or licensed conveyancer as an owner/manager.

Have a look the advice and support on how to become a CILEx Practitioner.

It can also be a CILEx Fellow just as an owner of a regulated firm.

Compliance Manager 

A compliance manager takes responsibility for practice and accounts management.  Stage 3 provides the detail on how you can demonstrate your ability to fill this role.