9 – Client care information

You must provide information about your services to your client upfront and during a case. This includes the likely cost of your services and how to complain if things go wrong. This is usually given in a client care letter.

The letter should:

  • be individual to each client and their situation
  • accurately describe the service you are providing to the client and the care and attention you are giving to their matter
  • be clear and easy to understand

The letter you may have used in a previous role may not be suitable for your new firm. If using an old client care letter as a template, you should:

  • check all names are correct
  • remove references to ‘departments’ or ‘teams’ if you are a sole trader
  • make sure your service transparency and complaint handling information is correct

Do look at the support and guidance that is available on the Legal Ombudsman website and understand your obligations to signpost to an alternative dispute resolution service.

Finally, make your client care information readable – the easier it is for clients to understand the less chance there is for confusion.