Unregulated Firms

CILEX Regulation has had a number of complaints recently about unregulated firms, often run by paralegal members of CILEX. It takes these complaints seriously and will take action, but unfortunately, we are unable to assist the public who may have been impacted by using these types of firms gain compensation or resolution to their problem.

The following sets out why using an unregulated firm may not be appropriate.

How do I know if they are a Regulated Firm? 

CILEx Regulation can regulate firms offering conveyancing, litigation (civil, criminal or family), immigration and/or probate. These can either be via 100% lawyer owned firms or sole practitioners, or via Alternative Business Structures (ABS), with non-lawyer ownership or owned by ACCA accountants.

These regulated firms known as CILEX Authorised Entities can be found on our Authorised Firms Directory or on our CILEX-ACCA Probate Firms Directory.

CILEX members can also provide legal activities (but NOT any of the following: advocacy, litigation, conveyancing, immigration or probate) through their own unregulated firms.

Should I use an unregulated firm?

The public should note that:

  • These firms or businesses have not been checked and authorised for the services they provide.
  • The individuals have not been checked and authorised that they are competent to deliver the services they advertise.
  • An unregulated firm does not offer the same protection as a regulated firm – Insurance, Compensation, Anti Money Laundering.

Don’t you regulate all firms?

No – only the regulated firms in the two directories above. If the firm is not listed there, it is not regulated by CILEx Regulation.

Contact us at info@cilexregulation.org.uk if you are unsure.

Will I have any protection?

Whilst unregulated firms have not been authorised and regulated by CILEx Regulation, and so do not offer the same protections to the client, CILEX members must still comply with the Code of Conduct and any other relevant regulatory and legal requirements.

But the actions that CILEx Regulation can take are limited only to misconduct by the individual as a member of CILEX.

We do not:

  • Provide compensation
  • Correct any problem with the advice/service you have received
  • Resolve your legal problem.

To check a firm, please email us at: info@cilexregulation.org.uk.