Outcome 8.2: Demonstrate ability to select and provide appropriate information to others as required by the law

WBL Competency 8: Working with Others

To meet this Outcome you will need to show you understand what information can or cannot be provided to others and why.

In your logbook sheets you should explain a situation where you have considered and selected which information you can/cannot provide. Explain the analysis you undertook in deciding whether or not to provide that information and the legal basis upon which you decided (e.g. data protection legislation, professional Code of Conduct rules, privilege, etc. Please note: standard disclosure does not meet this outcome unless you can show how you selected/weighed up which particular information you should/should not disclose and on what legal basis).

You should attach supporting evidence that demonstrates that you understand what information you can/cannot provide to others.


Examples may come from different types of legal work as shown by following the links below: