Outcome 1.2: Apply the relevant legal procedures to a matter

Guidance for Outcome

To meet this Outcome you will need to show that you can apply a legal procedure to a matter you are dealing with.

In your logbook sheets you should explain the law that underpins the relevant legal procedure and explain how you carried out the legal procedure (e.g. if you serve a notice, explain the law requiring the notice to be served and the actions you took to serve the notice or if you make an application, explain the law under which you made the application and the actions you took in making the application).

You should attach supporting evidence that shows you applied the legal procedure (e.g. attach any covering letter, online submission slip and any documents you prepared in connection with the legal procedure).


Examples may come from different types of legal work as shown by following the links below:

Could you use your evidence for these Outcomes too?

Remember to read the guidance in the work-based learning handbook for each outcome to make sure you meet the criteria fully.

If your client instructed you and in dealing with those instructions you applied/carried out a legal procedure (e.g. served a notice or made an application), you could possibly use this evidence towards meeting the following Outcome:

Outcome 3.5 Take action to deal with instructions received