Outcome 5.1: Demonstrate an understanding of the business environment of a legal practice or organisation

WBL Competency 5: Business Awareness

To meet this Outcome you will need to demonstrate an understanding of your business environment and outline how you consider your employer sits within the wider business environment.

In your logbook sheet you should explain who you work for, the relevant business aim(s) and objective(s) and how you keep these in mind in the work that you do.

You should attach supporting evidence that shows you have kept your business aims and objectives in mind in your work. For example, if your organisation’s objective is to expand locally, you can produce evidence of your involvement in local networking or marketing. Alternatively, if your organisation’s objective is to reduce overheads, you can produce evidence of working in a cost effective way to meet this objective.


Examples may come from different types of legal work as shown by following the links below: