Outcome 7.2: Understand the limitations of your professional skills and knowledge

WBL Competency 7: Self Awareness and Development

To meet this Outcome you will need to show that you can identify your limitations to undertake a particular task and take action to remedy that situation.

In your logbook sheet you should explain the task you were undertaking, your limitation concerning the relevant professional skill(s) and how you addressed it (e.g. you may have asked for assistance from a more experienced colleague or supervisor and/or entirely referred the matter).

You should attach supporting evidence that demonstrates the action you took (e.g. the seeking of assistance or the referral of the matter to a colleague).


Examples may come from different types of legal work as shown by following the links below:

Could you use your evidence for these Outcomes too?

Remember to read the guidance in the work-based learning handbook for each outcome to make sure you meet the criteria fully.

If when you identified the limitations of your professional skills and knowledge you sought guidance from another professional actually involved in that matter, rather than your supervisor, you could possibly use this evidence towards meeting the following Outcome:

Outcome 8.1 Establish effective working relationships with others involved in a legal matter