Legal services offered

It is important to find the right lawyer for the type of legal work you need.

You should look for a lawyer who specialises in the type of legal work you require. Firms should describe the types of legal services they offer on their website. They should explain the key stages of the legal service and the typical timescale for each stage.

We encourage you to ask for this information, and to ask a firm for any other information that would help you decide who to instruct to do your legal work.

If a firm does not have a website, they should be happy to provide you with the information on request.

The lawyers and firms we regulate are experienced and specialise in specific areas of legal work.

Other services offered

Firms may also provide information on their website relating to:

  • how they provide updates on cases (for example, in person, email, phone) and how often they do this
  • if the work will be done by one lawyer or a range of people
  • the mix of staff and their qualifications
  • the areas of work in which the firm has expertise
  • the firm’s typical clients
  • accreditations held by lawyers in the firm
  • opening hours
  • office accessibility
  • hearing loop
  • languages spoken
  • car parking
  • home visits
  • out of hours contact
  • web portal

Finding out as much as you can about a firm ensures they can meet your needs and you understand the process and what to expect.

Further information: