11 May
CILEx Regulation Welcomes LSB’s Regulators’ Performance Review

CILEx Regulation Welcomes LSB’s Regulators’ Performance Review


The Legal Services Board (LSB) has published the conclusions of its latest performance reviews of the eight legal service regulators, alongside individual performance reports for each regulator, including CILEx Regulation.


In response to the LSB’s second performance review, CILEx Regulation’s Chief Executive, Helen Whiteman, said: “We are pleased that the LSB has recognised the good progress CILEx Regulation has made since our last report. This review acknowledges the work we have undertaken to understand the members of our regulated community and the services consumers receive from them. In particular, the review highlights the development of our outcomes-focused regulatory arrangements, such as our new approach to continuing professional development.


“However, as the review points out, there is still further work to be done in particular in relation to the supervision of individual practitioners. To this end we will be looking to develop our regulation practices to include verification of practice specialism. As a result of our review we shall also be developing an action plan, in consultation with the LSB and to be agreed by our Board, which will address the recommendations outlined in the review.”