03 Apr
CPD and Covid-19

We fully appreciate that some of our regulated community may want to know how the current situation regarding COVID-19 might affect their CPD requirements. We hope the following information will provide some reassurance.


Course cancellations
What do I do if my planned CPD courses are cancelled?


Don’t panic! Our CPD Scheme is really flexible in terms of the types of activities you can use to meet your annual requirements. This has been the case for a number of years, as we recognise that face-to-face training is not always the best option for everyone in terms of their professional development. There are a variety of different activities you can use to satisfy your requirements, including:


  • E-Learning (webinars)
  • Legal research in your relevant area
  • Reading of relevant articles or journals i.e. the CILEx Journal, Law Gazette etc
  • Familiarising yourself with the CILEx Code of Conduct
  • Academic or professional study/revision


Please also see this free CPD Guidance resource issued by CILEx.


What do I do if I cannot satisfy my full requirements by 30 September 2020?


We appreciate that, especially in extenuating circumstances, not everyone can always achieve their full CPD requirement by the imposed deadline.


With this in mind, we are happy to provide some additional time for you to complete and log your CPD by way of an extension. We kindly ask that individuals email us at cpd@cilexregulation.org.uk between 1 June 2020 to 31 August 2020 to request an extension of time.


Upon receipt of these requests, CILEx Regulation can add a three-month extension to your CPD record. This will mean you have until 31 December 2020 to satisfy your CPD obligations.


I think I might be exempt from completing CPD, how do I find out?


CILEx Regulation can offer members a CPD dispensation, waiving their full CPD requirement, where they have spent at least six months out of employment during the CPD year (1 October – 30 September).


If you think you may be eligible for a dispensation, please email us at cpd@cilexregulation.org.uk with the following details:


  • Your name
  • Your membership number
  • The dates of your absence from employment


We will then be able to assess your eligibility and, where applicable, apply a dispensation to your 2019/2020 CPD record.

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