18 May

Mental Health Awareness week

The event hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, has the theme this year of Kindness. Important now more than ever as we navigate the Covid-19 crisis.


The organisations Chief Executive Mark Rowland explains how the theme was chosen:


Mental Health Awareness week 2020“We have chosen kindness because of its singular ability to unlock our shared humanity. Kindness strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity. It is a cornerstone of our individual and collective mental health. Wisdom from every culture across history recognises that kindness is something that all human beings need to experience and practise to be fully alive”.


Research from the Mental Health Foundation has shown that;   kindness and our mental health are deeply connected. Being kind to ourselves as well as one another, can help create a sense of belonging and increase our optimism. Kindness could transform our schools, places of work, communities and families and help tip the balance in favour of good mental health for everyone.



Lawcare provide free support and information for anyone in the legal community. Whether you are feeling the pressure of work or study, experiencing relationship or financial problems, coping with illness, dependency, bereavement, anxiety or depression.  Their website has a wealth of resources, or call their helpline – 0800 279 6888.


In support of Mental Health Awareness week, Lawcare are holding a series of free webinars, to help you find ways to support your own well-being during the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.