14 Oct

Advocacy eligibility checklist

Interested in applying for Advocacy Rights? You must first make an application for a Certificate of Eligibility before you are able to undertake the qualification for extended rights of audience. A Certificate of Eligibility will be issued to applicants who meet the following requirements:


    • You are an existing Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer or Graduate Member of CILEx in good standing.


      • You currently undertake civil, family or criminal work.


    • You are employed by (or are a manager in) an organisation which is owned or managed by persons authorised to provide litigation services (or which is authorised to provide litigation services under the Legal Services Act 2007) OR,
    • You are employed by an organisation where you work under the supervision of a person who is authorised to provide litigation services under the Legal Services Act 2007.


    • You have an acceptable level of experience of conducting litigation in civil, family or criminal work, including relevant advocacy experience that meets the knowledge and experience guidelines.


    • You have sufficient knowledge of relevant law and legal practice, in accordance with the knowledge and experience guidelines of CILEx to undertake an advocacy skills course.




You will need to provide references from two people (other than your employer). They should be able to offer an informed opinion as to your ability to meet the knowledge and experience criteria in relation to your suitability to undertake the advocacy skills course.


Further information:

Gaining Advocacy Rights – Webinar recording

If you have any queries, please email us at – advocacy@cilexregulation.org.uk