02 Nov

Alternative Route to Practice Rights – Tender Stage

Following a consultation last year and having received first stage approval of the Rules by the Legal Services Board last week, CILEx Regulation is beginning the tender process for a new authorisation scheme that allows experienced Chartered Legal Executives to apply for independent practice rights in their specialist area through an alternative route to authorisation – which will sit alongside the current application approach. The new scheme will involve an optional period of training (depending on previous experience) and an assessment to assess knowledge and competence in the applicant’s specialist area.


As part of the next stage of implementing the new route, CILEx Regulation is seeking to appoint a training provider to deliver the training and assessment for this scheme. Once appointed, CILEx Regulation will work with the chosen provider to design, develop, and implement a rigorous assessment process which complements the existing route to authorisation for additional practice rights. This will include the development of sample assessment materials and a pilot of the final scheme, before resubmission of the final scheme to the Legal Services Board for final review and approval.


Please access the tender document for further details.


If you are a training provider and would be interested in submitting a bid as part of the tender, please contact Danielle Ingle, Practitioner Authorisation & Supervision Team Leader danielle.ingle@cilexregulation.org.uk, for more information.