11 Nov

Lawtech Sandbox Pilot

What is the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot?


The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot is an industry led, government backed R&D initiative, designed to fast track transformative ideas, products and services that address the legal needs of businesses and society.


The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will see a small, first cohort of pioneers gain access to a number of tools, services and people for three months from December, as part of a trial.  We hope to see some early impact and we will no doubt learn a lot. This will include:


  • access to regulators for advice, support and assurance at pace – this includes multi-regulator engagement in a single forum: the Regulatory Response Unit
  • connecting pioneers based on their needs, to our legal, business, Government and public body network, to help drive commercial opportunities and collaboration
  • support with matchmaking participants with data sources to help develop, test and train their products, steer and inform development, and provide insights during the Pilot, while we build out more in depth services on data access over time


Who can apply to the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot? 


The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot is open to all innovators and pioneers, whether tech companies, academics, legal businesses or consortia, who have potentiality transformative ideas, products or services looking to address the legal needs of UK businesses and society.


To apply, they must meet the following criteria:


  1. The idea, product or service that they wish to put forward for the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot meets a legal need of UK business and / or society. Please note, criminal/citizen access to justice is currently outside the remit of LawtechUK.
  2. They’re based in the UK (whether headquarters or employees working in the UK)


How can you apply for the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot?


Companies can apply via the application form (here). From 4th November, the webpage (here) will have further information and access to the application form. Please note – the application window closed on 16 November, 2020.


How is CILEx Regulation Involved?


CILEx Regulation will form part of the ‘Regulatory Response Unit’ of the LawTech UK Sandbox, in order to offer regulatory support to sandbox participants alongside the other legal services regulators. We endorse the responsible uptake of technology and innovation in the legal sector, insofar as such progress continues to benefit the consumer.


If you would like more information regarding our technology and innovation work at CILEx Regulation, please contact Felix Brown at felix.brown@cilexregulation.org.uk