06 Jan

CILEx Regulation assessed as a top performing regulatory body

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has identified CILEx Regulation as a top performing regulatory body, having met all the standards as set out in the LSB annual Regulatory Performance report 2021.


Regulators are assessed annually against 27 outcomes across five standards: Regulatory Approach, Authorisation, Supervision, Enforcement, and Well-led: governance and leadership. Regulatory bodies must demonstrate that they are meeting their obligations under the Legal Services Act 2007 and show how they put regulatory objectives at the heart of their work.


Professor Janine Griffiths-Baker, Chief Executive at CILEx Regulation, commented: “We were delighted to receive the LSB’s confirmation that we meet all of our obligations as a legal regulator. We will continue to innovate and collaborate in 2022 to improve our systems and processes further. By maintaining our high standards, we are able to provide assurance to consumers, regulated members and other stakeholders.”


Over the coming year, the LSB will continue to monitor the work of regulatory bodies to increase further accountability and transparency. CRL looks forward to contributing to this important work and supporting the legal sector to meet society’s needs in delivering fairer outcomes and better services.