11 Mar

The importance of professional ethics

Good lawyers should be well-rounded professionals who are equipped not only with technical legal knowledge, but a broader understanding of the ethical and regulatory issues that will confront them as professionals, and the organisations they work for.


Unethical behaviours of lawyers have been the subject of press attention over the years, and we believe that it is important to combat this by encouraging CILEX members to consider whether they feel able to recognise ethical issues that can arise, be that in legal practice or a commercial organisation.


If you are a CILEX member that is required to complete CPD each year, you will need to demonstrate that you have completed at least 1 CPD outcome related to ‘professionalism’. Concentrating on the issue of professional ethics, would be suitable to use as your focus for your professionalism outcome. We would strongly encourage you to consider this as an option for your 2021/2022 CPD obligations.