25 Nov

Fee increase for WBL and QE

From next year, our assessment fees linked to admission as a chartered legal executive will increase. We understand that these are difficult times, with the increased cost of living and rises in inflation. We have therefore tried to limit the increases as far as possible. The fees from 1 March 2023 will be as follows:


  • The fee you pay us to assess whether your work experience meets the criteria to be eligible to apply for Fellowship will increase from £80 to £85.
  • The assessment fee for work-based learning will increase from £300 to £320. This is the first increase in six years and reflects an increase of less than 7%.


If you would like to become a chartered legal executive, we recommend that you apply to have your work experience considered as soon as possible.


Once you have found out if you have the correct level of relevant experience, and the earliest point that you can apply for Fellowship, you can then focus on collating evidence for your work-based learning portfolio.


If you have any questions about the applications linked to becoming a chartered legal executive, please contact us at: applications@cilexregulation.org.uk and we’ll be pleased to help.


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