18 Jan

CRL 2024 Corporate Plan

In its 2024 Corporate Plan, launched today, CILEx Regulation Limited (CRL) sets out an ambitious programme for the next twelve months, as well as the framework for the development of CRL’s strategy from 2025 onwards.


CRL’s priorities for 2024 are to continue to deliver its core authorisation, supervision, and enforcement regulatory activities, refining and improving the way in which it delivers its services against its three strategic objectives of protecting the interests of consumers, promoting high professional standards, and encouraging a diverse and effective legal profession.


Independent Chair Jonathan Rees said:

“CRL heads into 2024 with confidence that our approach and agenda for change continues to enjoy the support of our regulated community, as reflected by the majority of the more than 1,000 respondents to our ‘Specialist Regulation for the Future of an Independent Profession’ consultation last year, who said they wanted to maintain the present system of independent regulation for CILEX professionals.


The people we regulate are unique and varied. It is critical that the regulatory system is rooted in their experience and expertise and recognises the distinctive and specialist contribution CILEX professionals make. Any changes to regulation should be made openly, based on evidence and on the genuine needs of consumers so that we maintain quality while providing value for money.


“We remain ambitious for further innovation in the way we regulate CILEX members and have set out a progressive programme for 2024 and into 2025 and beyond, as we work towards full financial and operational independence, pursue innovative models to minimise the regulatory burden, champion fair access and enhance the information available to consumers to improve accessibility to legal services. In particular we will look at the role of those non-authorised lawyers providing legal services building on our successful independent regulation of CILEX paralegals. We will also work with others on how to bolster strong independent regulation free from vested interest interference.”

As well as setting out plans for the coming year, the plan highlights achievements in 2023 which have enabled progress against CRL’s strategic objectives to remain on track. This has been achieved despite a considerable amount of CRL’s resources being diverted to the task of engaging and responding to CILEX’s proposals to redelegate regulatory responsibility from CRL to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


Looking further ahead, having consulted with CILEX members on initial proposals for the future in May and June 2023 through our document “Specialist Regulation for the Future of an Independent Profession”, CRL will be consulting in more detail on a draft corporate strategy for 2025-2027, with all key stakeholders, in the Spring this year.