19 Feb

CRL Firms Diversity Data Collection report 2023

The purpose of our collections and key findings


Our Diversity data collections are vital in helping us track the diversity profile of our regulated firms and community, helping us to develop a clear and detailed understanding of where our regulatory efforts should be focused.


We encourage our regulated firms to be inclusive and support career the progression of talented individuals regardless of their diversity and background. The analysis of our biennial diversity data collections provides important insight into the diversity of our firms’ workforce.


By fostering a more diverse workforce, firms can thrive and become more resilient by tapping into a broader talent pool. A diverse legal profession also better reflects the communities they serve, offers consumers more choice and access to legal professionals who genuinely understand them, their circumstances and background.


2023 Firms Diversity Data Collection – results publication


Our regulated firms 2023 diversity data collection has now been published and we are grateful to all who took part. By working closely with our regulated firm owners and their employees this year, we achieved a 77% response rate, higher than our 2021 collection.


Key findings include:


  • A higher percentage of males in regulated firms, compared to percentage males in CILEX membership. However, there remain more female approved managers (59%) than male approved managers (41%).
  • The age group 45-54 has the largest increase, while there is a similar fall in those aged 35-44. The biggest decrease is seen in the 55-64 age group.
  • The percentage of black and minority ethnic people in our regulated firms (22%) is higher than in 2021 (14.5%).
  • The highest percentage socio-economic background is professional, however the second highest was for a lower socio-economic background
  • 67% of respondents are state school educated
  • 50% are first generation to attend university
  • 18% have caring responsibilities.


Future collections


The accuracy of our data collections is essential in helping us to develop a targeted and effective regulatory model for the benefit of legal professionals and consumers. We are working on ways we can provide further support to firms in their EDI goals and in future data collections.


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