13 Mar

DPMSG survey launched

Message from the Digital Property Market Steering Group


We often hear that the home buying and selling process is no longer working and the inefficiency is having an impact on stakeholders’ profitability, recruitment and retention of staff and, above all, customer satisfaction.


To enable us to understand how we can improve the uptake of digital processes and action upfront information, the Digital Property Market Steering Group* would like to invite you to take a short survey to gather your views on the creation of a Digital Property Information Protocol.

Protocol benefits


This protocol, currently linked within the survey in its early draft format, would set out the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in the adoption of digital property information and digital solutions across all sectors, ensuring there is better certainty for all involved in the home buying and selling process. Those who have collaborated in the collection and delivery of upfront information, have seen transaction times halve and failed transactions plummet. Staff are happier being able to satisfy their customers and risk reduces as one source of truth is created.


Would a Digital Property Information Protocol help your teams learn what is available to them and what they can expect from other stakeholders?


Let us know your views on what you need to educate staff and customers and ensure that all stakeholders collaborate effectively in home moving transactions. Please take this opportunity to improve property transactions by completing the survey. Please also forward to colleagues, the bigger the range of input we have, the better.


Unless you choose to leave your contact details, the survey is anonymous, your responses will not identify you or your firm. Our research is undertaken in line with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.


Please access the survey link – this survey should take around 5-8 minutes to complete. Closes: midnight 1 April 2024.  Digital Property Market Steering Group – new microsite link.