09 Jul

CRL webinar – Artificial Intelligence, risks and opportunities for the legal sector

15 July 2024 – 10.30am to 12 noon


This webinar is being held to raise awareness of the arrival AI technologies, the implications for  regulation and for the legal sector as a whole.


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the legal profession presents both opportunities and risks. To harness the benefits of AI, legal professionals must be ready to navigate this evolving landscape while mitigating those risks. CRL has been paying close attention to the development of AI and in particular the implications for regulation.


This session is an opportunity for our regulated community to find out more about the potential impact of AI on the legal sector. You can also view a demonstration of one of the new specialist legal AI platforms – LexisNexis
generative legal AI platform – Lexis + AI™ –
one of the world’s largest repositories of reliable and exclusive legal content.*


This will be of interest to all members and particularly legal business owners and leaders.


Webinar format


The session will be led by Richard Hood, Interim Director of Governance, Policy and Legal at CRL plus Scott Firth, Business Development Executive and Matthew Leopold Head of Brand and PR at LexisNexis.




Please let us know if you would like to attend by completing the registration form as soon as possible as numbers are limited. You will be sent a confirmation email prior to the session.


* CILEx Regulation Ltd holds no affiliation with LexisNexis or any related products. This webinar does not represent an endorsement of LexisNexis or any related products.