02 Jul

Diversity Report 2019

Why diversity is important             


A strong legal workforce is formed when talented people, regardless of their diversity characteristics, are not lost to the law, but are supported, retained and promoted within it.  The legal profession needs to be made up of capable lawyers who reflect the communities they serve, bring diverse opinions and genuine understanding of their clients’ circumstances.


Diversity report


In 2019 we carried out the second collection of diversity data from our whole regulated community. We gathered information across a wide range of indicators.


We also captured qualitative information for the first time by including a free-text box in the questionnaire. More than 700 people took the time to feedback their experiences and observations about inclusion, equality and diversity within their professional lives. This reflects the importance of diversity issues to our regulated community and provided deeper insight into the challenges faced.


We were able to achieve an increased response rate by 14% on the previous 2017 data collection. 8,346 people completed the questionnaire, which is 40% of our regulated members.  Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this excellent result.


Data findings


When we analysed the data, we were keen to understand more about our current key areas of focus which are social mobility and female parity of opportunity. We also looked again at Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) responses and individuals identifying with a disability following on from our 2017 diversity report.


Our Diversity Survey data analysis helps us to improve our understanding of the diverse nature of regulated members, identify potential issues and observe changes in diversity over time.


Diversity Report 2019
Diversity Report 2019 summary infographic