12 Apr

CRL responds to LSB policy statement

CILEx Regulation has welcomed yesterday’s publication of a policy statement by the Legal Services Board (LSB) to improve consumer empowerment across the legal services market, whilst recognising that some questions still remain regarding how the policy will be implemented in practice.


The statement, which aims to strengthen competition in the legal services market by promoting greater comparison and choice for consumers, seeks to increase consumer knowledge and awareness of legal problems and access to legal services, by ensuring consumers have better information about service, price, quality, regulatory status and redress.


As oversight regulator, the LSB will monitor compliance among the frontline legal regulators against published expectations and principles contained within the statement.


Professor Janine Griffiths-Baker, Interim CEO of CILEx Regulation Limited said:


“CILEx Regulation is committed to ensuring that consumers are empowered to find and access the right information at the time they need it to engage effectively with the legal services market. We strongly support the LSB’s efforts to prioritise this issue for consumers and are pleased to see they have taken on board issues raised in our consultation response.


We very much look forward to working with the LSB, fellow regulators and partners to deliver the statement’s anticipated outcomes.”