16 May

New routes to practice rights given green light

CRL’s application to alter its existing regulatory arrangements relating to the granting of practice rights in reserved and regulated areas of activity has been approved by the Legal Services Board.


The recent decision means that all Chartered Legal Executives with at least 5 years’ qualifying employment experience will now have the option to obtain the additional rights, either through training and assessment or assessment only, to supplement the current portfolio route.


The alternative routes will give eligible Chartered Legal Executives greater flexibility and choice when considering their career options, allowing more Chartered Legal Executives the opportunity to acquire practice rights in one of the following areas of activity:


    • Reserved Instrument (Conveyancing) activities
    • Probate activities
    • Litigation & Advocacy for civil, criminal, or family proceedings
    • Immigration and Asylum activities


The new routes will be offered by The University of Law and suitable candidates are encouraged to get in touch and express their interest.