20 November 2018

CILEx Regulation publishes the agendas and papers of our regular Board meetings as part of our commitment to transparency in governance. If you require more information about a particular paper, please email us at info@cilexregulation.org.uk


Minutes – 20 November

5. Q3 Ops Performance

Appendix 1: Strategy
Appendix 2: Draft Business Plan
Appendix 2a: Strategic Dashboard*
Appendix 3: BAU list*
Appendix 4: Q3 Operational performance data
Appendix 5: CMA action plan
Appendix 6: EDI action plan
Appendix 7: ABS action plan*

6. Quarterly Risk Review*

Annex 1: Group Board Risk statement and profile by operating company
Annex 2: Revised Risk Register*
Annex 3: Heat map update*
Annex 4: Risks removed from the register*

7. Board Self Evaluation 2018*

Appendix 1: DRAFT evaluation survey 2018*
Appendix 2: 2017 Board self-evaluation action plan*

9. Group Board Strategy (oral report)

10. Internal Governance Rules*

Appendix 1: Regulatory Discussion Note regarding greater separation/ independence*

11. Education Standards Review Update*

Annex 1: Route to additional authorisation for established Fellows*
Annex 2: IPSOS Mori research: CILEx research into perceptions of membership and qualification delivery*
Annex 3: Comparison between IPSOS Mori survey results (2017) and Clarient Research survey (2009)*
Annex 4: CILEx Draft Accreditation Framework*
Annexes 5-15: Education standards consultation and frameworks*

12. Finance and Group Services*

Appendix 1: September Management Accounts, including Final Quarter Reforecast*
Appendix 2: 2018 Quarter Three Unit Costs*
Appendix 3: haysmacintyre Communication*
Appendix 4: Group Results to September 2018*
Appendix 5: CILEx Group Business Case Template*
Appendix 6: Group Finance Structure*
Appendix 7: CRM Programme Status Report*
Appendix 8: Final Gazette for The CILEx Compensation Fund

13. CEO Report

14. Marketing Update*

Annex 1: Entity/Practice Rights applications dashboard*

15. Enforcement Handbook

Appendix 1: Enforcement Handbook and annexes

16. Board Forward Plan

*Papers excluded from publication under the Board’s Governance Transparency Policy.